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General Account Queries

We offer three subscriptions plans which are tailored to specific clients needs. Please explore our subscriptions plans for further details.

Besides the paid subscription, we provide a free demo version to give you the basic concept of how the platform works.

Yes. Please, signup for a demo.

Each subscription plan is personal to the subscriber. However, we would be able to transfer your subscription to your colleague in the same company.

Yes. You can upgrade any time if you are on a low plan.

Subscribers should only use the data for research, analysis, publication, and presentation purposes. However, the subscriber must not transfer, rent, distribute or allow third-party access to the data.

A formal consent needs to be taken or a contract signed before publishing the data.

In all occasions KnowTraces to be formally cited/referenced as a source.

For further information please read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

You can get access to our database through your institution library.

Alternatively, you can get a discounted subscription by providing some additional details.

If you try too many failed login attempts, the system will automatically lock you out for at least an hour.

During that time, your IP will be blocked from accessing the site.

Make sure you clear your cookies before trying to login again.

Please keep your login details safe and do not share with others to avoid any issues.


Yes, you can download and save it in your system.

Yes, we will expand the coverage throughout the year. We are constantly expanding our coverage and dozens of fresh new charts are added a few times a week.

All charts usually carry some key messages. Our aim is to simplify market research and consulting. We want to present our analysis in the best simplest form possible.

By default, subscribers are only able to download data in charts form. We process tonnes of data intending to provide the best simple solution to the clients.

A graphical representation is one of the simplest and easiest forms of understanding the storey behind the data.

However, on some occasions, we can provide the data in other formats.

A picture is worth a thousand wordsWe present our data visually in the form of charts, graphs, flowcharts, and infographics. We believe this will save a considerable amount of our clients time. 

Addiational Features

We aim to maintain long term relationship and that can only be developed through trust and value to your money.

Under all our subscription plans we take suggestions from our clients to add any additional data series.

Most of our subscription plans also provide limited free research hours for client-specific research and consulting queries. You can also use these options to request to fulfil your needs if there is some shortcoming in the existing coverage.

We can share additional details if necessary from our backup files.

Yes, we have a dedicated team for customised research and consulting.

You can contact us with your detailed terms of references (scope of the work). We can provide the initial consultation with a detailed research proposal around your inquiry free of charge.

Still have questions?

One of our consultants would be more than happy to support you with your queries.